Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Recently Updates!!!

From last year December till now, there are lots of thing happen. coincidently wrote a letter yesterday to the management about the renovation work in my new unit. Therefore, just copy and paste the summary of what hectic stuffs happen within past 4 to 5 months.
Dear sir,
Re: To The Top Management of Bayu Pandan Jaya.
I have write in a letter previously regarding about  no hacking issue on the wall of my premises and installation of the ventilation fan. So far, Mr Chai, the main construction engineer has been very helpful to help my contractor advisor to solve all the technical problems on installation of addition power points without destruct the main stream of the solid wall. With his approval, my electrician will start work  on Wednesday 20th May 2015 to install all the addition power points and running all the wiring. About the ventilation fan, my contractor advisor told me that we’re allow to install on the window glass for both toilet, however, not in the kitchen. We’ve compromise and respect the management decision.  But he told my man we can ready the hole on the glass window in the kitchen for future use when we have form the committee to have our own management team.  If they approve, then we can install of it. So, can I ask for your permission that my contractor advise me can we install the end capped of the ducting at the glass window first and because the sliding window is too near the existing grille, we’ve to cut a little bit of the grille so that the end capped will be hook on it. But we’ll disconnect the hose half way, using the recycle concept suction for time being. In future, once the new management approve, then only connecting the hose to the end capped. I’ll be 100% make sure my man will not connecting the hose fully.
Secondly, now I face another difficulty, which is my main entrance door. As I’ve hire a Fengshui Master  to look at my premises. He quote my premises only can stay for 10 years. After that, those who live down here, the wealth and health will start to decrease, unless to relocate all the room doors and Entrance door as well. Of course I as the owner of this house unit totally disagree to do so, especially need to hack the wall. No way man!!! I rather to sell it and hunt for a better one. Then the master re-calculate again and find a solution where no need to hack any wall, but need to relocate the main entrance door to the other side. My advisor came with an idea where we making a partition inside the unit making like a path, then the door will be install on that. Attached floor plan for more clearer picture for understanding. But the main gate will be remain the same place. The wooden door will be remove. Mr chai know about this issue, he told my man we cannot remove the main door as this will affect the image of the condominium. This is beyond his decision to approve. Therefore, I’ve to write to you and tell you about my this few months short story why I’m agree to do so much changes in my premises, by addition partition on the entrance area, living room convert to master bedroom and master bedroom act as my lounge area.
I’m a Buddhist, I pray at my hometown house for the goddess and my ancestor for respect and believe. By in this new house, I decide not to pray anything, because I’m a free thinker. I’m not really believe on all this nor fengshui.  But since this January I brought my 2 years+ boy and my new born baby girl come to stay in KL with us. Initially my boy stays in hometown, look after by my sister in law. Within this 4 months staying with us, my boy went for nursery. He sick frequently, cough , flu, fever comes continuously, my baby girl also been infected. Even my wife and myself look after this two kids also sick frequently. We’ve spend a lot of time and money to bring them to see doctor, take medicine until finish, the sickness is still keep coming. I previously like a strong bull also break my own records took the 1st time MC of my life after 40 years of life. In fact, not 1 time, 3 times within a month of April. I can cough until flame with blood clog, chest muscle pain, terrible. I went to do the X ray scanning, everything normal, doing blood test, also not big issue, everything is fine. Yet, cough like nobody business. My wife also sick thru out this 4 months plus. My entire 4 family members are just sick, sick, sick…
Not only that, within this four months, my car was hit 3 times. 1st time was from the back at Setapak, 2 weeks later, hit again in the midnight. The best part is I was not driving the car, the car is actually parking at the parking area opposite my flat, someone reverse the car recklessly and hit on my front bumper until my number plate break into 2 pieces. Can you imagine how bad luck I have. 3rd time was hit from the right side of my car near Jalan Imbi. Now only left the right side haven’t been hit. Sigh… the best thing is 3 times also fall in Friday, supposing  to go back hometown, yet have to cancel the trip just for send the car for repairing.
This is not the worse. The worse is my boy every times we fetch him and the baby girl back to our house, he’ll start acting weird, such as keep crying, very moody, etc. One day my wife very angry and ask him, “What happen to you, are you seeing ghost???”  He answer “Scare scare”. Later, my wife told me about that, then I talk to the air, “Anything, please come to me, don’t disturb my kids. Very coincidently, when I discuss my renovation work with my advisor, I very open minded to share my experience with him, he taught me buy few items so that can keep them go away. I brought the thing and place at the house. The next day night when we come back from work. I put on the praying ascent. Guess what, my wife suddenly both hand start shaking, feel difficult to breathing. Look like the spirit is trying to possession to her body. She ask me to bring so called her chinese bible for her to read. An hour on reading, she’s getting better. That time is almost 9pm. I got to go to see doctor as I’ve the X-ray screening report and blood test repot, I want to know what happen to me. After seeing the doctor, he gave me the medicine plus antibiotic. When I reach home around 10pm. I saw my wife and 2 kids are sleeping. Then, I also want to take the medicine and go for bed. During that time. The classic thing happen, my wife stood up silently, that time she was facing my back, she voice out with different tone, the classic word I was stun for a second, “you don’t need to eat medicine, you just need to find a master for me to help me to do the ritual ceremony(超渡). Then you will be fine.” This is not the 1st time I talk to the spirit. After conversation with her, I know her requirement, I agree to help her next day. In my mind, I just want to get rid of her from my family as soon as possible. The next day morning I seek for help, very smoothly I got the contact, I bring her to the master nearby. She was left.
After all these incident, I’m the one who don’t believe in all this spirit stuff and superstitious , end up have to find a  solution to make sure all this will not happen again in future. Please don’t come to disturb my family. Since I have the new place for my family, I’ll make sure I do all the unnecessary precaution to make sure they are staying in a place where comfortable, wealthy and healthy. Try to minimize those unnecessary unexplainable thing happen in future. That’s why we are looking for fengshui master to look the house. The master claim that if we still keep the main door close, it’ll defeat the purpose, everything will be the same. The main door will remain open. But at the partition, there’s another main door. That’s why I don’t need 2 main door. For my point of view, even we remove the main door, the image of the condo will remain the same from far as at our main gate, there is a wall blocking . you can’t really see the main door or gate from far. However, the main gate will be remain, and I have also taking consider of security precaution, I’m installing the alarm system and cctv just for the security concern.  I’m really hope that the management allow me to bring down the wooden door and shift to the inner part. The image of the condo is important. Yet the quality of the tenant / the owner is even more vital. I did all the changes is for own stay, not for business or other usage. Please be more genuine on my request. Please let me know the outcome as soon as possible. 
Thank you.
Recently, we are busy to hunt all the furniture, fitting and supplier for house hold stuffs. very tiring, but exciting. We believe after survey all this, end of the day will definitely feel satisfy.

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